23/08/05 - Fixed a broken link in the Music section of the site, many thanks to Horice.

11/04/05 - I'm currently adding a shop to the website. From the shop you'll be able to buy all kinds of weird and wacky things. Flexible Frank will soon be updated with new areas of navigation!

09/04/05 - I've just noticed that the music site I'm with have changed their policy for artists. At the moment, I can't sell any of my music without paying them first?! You can still listen to the two promo tracks though. Please bear with me while I ponder this one!

04/04/05 - I'm currently adding more songs to the Vitaminic music site. You can listen to "Camels Don't Like Tea" and "Bob The Pavement Builder" for free. Visit the "Music" section of the site for more information.

03/04/05 - This section was added! Check here each time you visit the site for news on the latest additions and amendments.